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About Me

Hi, I'm Amy and I run ALH Education.


After 12 years of teaching in secondary schools in both pastoral and academic educational sectors, I have created my tutoring business to bring all of my experience and expertise to the private tutoring sector. 

I have a strong passion for education being accessible to everyone, which I believe enables genuine success whilst encouraging a healthy attitude to learning. My own educational experience was very positive which is how I know learning can be fun and not a chore.


Alongside my years of teaching, I have gained four years of experience as a private tutor for the 11+ exam, KS2 SATS, A-level history studies and homework support.  

If you think your child could benefit from my experience, then feel free to get in touch for an informal chat about how I can help. 

Career History
  • 12 years of teaching experience

  • 4 years as a Private Tutor

  • 2:1 Degree with Honours

  • PGCE Qualified (Oxford University)

  • Masters in Education (Distinction) at St Mary's University, London 

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